Self-Administered EMDR TX For Anxiety

An EMDR  self-administered @strategy for the treatment for Panic Anxiety Symptoms is a technique called the Butterfly Hug.  Continue reading Self-Administered EMDR TX For Anxiety


Getting Past Your Past With EMDR Therapy

In the book, Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy, provides numerous procedures that will allow the reader to identify the earlier memories that are at the root of their problems, and ways to change their emotions, physical sensations and negative thoughts. 41g+Bn4IKAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_There are also techniques to help achieve desired goals in work and social relationships. These self-control techniques can make life more manageable, and understanding why we are doing things that don’t serve us can often help to bring things into perspective.

But if the techniques aren’t sufficient to give you a good feeling about your life, or you feel better for awhile but the old feelings continue to come back, then it would be useful to read the stories in the book that illustrate why different kinds of problems emerge, and decide if EMDR therapy would be a good choice for you.

Part of that evaluation involves taking stock of both your personal and professional relationships. Do you feel happy and fulfilled? Do you have a good support system? Or do you feel frustrated and troubled by disturbing thoughts and emotions?

Generally, there are three categories of negative feelings and beliefs that can emerge. Continue reading Getting Past Your Past With EMDR Therapy

Pain/Terror Release Technique

Pain/Terror (P/T) is the foundation of all negative and destructive behavior. Releasing the pain changes the behavior. The Pain/Terror Release Technique (P/TT) is an quick and easy method of getting rid of the P/T. Tai-Chi1 However, some people’s behaviors are more complex and require a therapist trained in the P/TRT. We all have blind spots in our awareness where we don’t see what is obvious to others. A therapist trained in the P/TRT can help you through this process. . Some types of pain are easy to notice. If a person’s spouse has recently died or if a person’s girlfriend left him for another man, the emotional pain is clear.

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Feeling State Addiction Protocol

“Addictions are created when a desired feeling and behavior become fixated together. th-3

This means that any behavior can become fixated with any desired feeling. Gambling might become fixated with the feelings of winning, connection, status, power, or any other feeling that a person might want intensely.

The reverse is also true: A feeling can be linked with many different behaviors. For example, the feeling of winning might become linked with the behaviors of gambling, shopping, shoplifting, smoking, drinking, or sex.

In diagram form: Continue reading Feeling State Addiction Protocol